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Future Sight

In those beautiful futuristic eyes,
i see a glimpse of both us,
like all the cruelty had died,
and like the sadness never was,

i’m still in shock, kinda surprised,
that god would grant me with a plus,
you’re everywhere, and in my mind,
please thank him for me, ladybug,

all my life my friends have lied,
and told me you were just made up,
that true beauty wouldn’t have survived,
in a world that is so dark and tough,

always knew i’d find you, deep inside,
and the path would be long and rough,
but someday look you in your eyes,
and prove my never ending love,

its like god let oceans of thought divide,
now i see the future clearly,
let trust and loyalty collide,
there’s no reason to fear me,

put my own happiness aside,
and please you by all means be,
make sure you know i’ll treat you right,
just need to hold you near me,

your personality is so new to me,
it’s like i’m in the sweetest dream,
cant wake up to reality,
cus its just filled with cries and screams,

would give up all my liberty,
because you had my heart released,
the chains have broken magically,
i finally feel that inner peace,

my mind is in tranquility,
but filled with future memories,
of me and you and the courtesy,
of cupid doing better deeds,

regained my credibility,
now i’ll have all my friends deceived,
your halo floats so vividly,
too bad they never did believe,

a natural dose of ecstasy,
but you’re a high that never leaves,
worth more than creativity,
and my ability to breathe,

pray to god for us to live happily,
i hope he does not question me,
when with tears of joy, i’ll fall on my knees,
and some day ask you to marry me.

Zakaria B Hansen

Art of Beauty

You have humour, you’re creative, you’re beautiful and intelligent,
thats why it’s hard for me to acknowledge, he didn’t find you heaven sent,

he treated you like dirt after you split apart, it’s evident,
you were his trash, but my treasure, i want to make you whole again,

i hope you didn’t keep him long enough to completely break your heart,
because something that delicate is hard to fix, when it falls apart,

he couldn’t appreciate your beauty, wish you would’ve known from the start,
just a simple look into your eyes defines the deeper meaning of art,

the art of being yourself no matter what anyone says,
and the art of always being happy, even though your life is a mess,

theres always something deep inside of you, you want to confess,
if you need someone to help you with it, i’ll take it off your chest,

some people have entire rivers, and seas of emotion,
im patient and listen, you can drain your lake into my ocean,

cus stacking up the bad thoughts will leave your mind lost, floating,
i’ll shelter you from the raindrops like waterproof coating.

ur situation leads me to this, just want to give you a kiss,
and show you the real meaning of devotion and risk,

i wont stop untill i lead you out of the maze in the mist,
cus love and happiness is on the top of my bucket list.

Let there be Love.

Happy birthday princess, im sorry im not there to celebrate,
im granting you three wishes, but dont use one on the wedding cake,

cus i dont care about all the material things, 
the only things i need is love, hope and maybe a wedding ring,

your the first girl i ever met, who really made me sing,
always said that i was gonna, but motivation was nothing,

that changed the day i saw you, and looked into your eyes,
u had me blown away, off my chair, and yes im still surprised,

the 27th december 93’ was your birth, 
and i just cant thank your mom enough, for an angel on this god forsaken earth,

i know ill feel the same way, as when your mother held you in her arms,
and ill sacrifice my life, before the day i cause you any harm,

remember im here for you to vent, cry, talk your problems out,
rest your head on my shoulder, ill give you other things to think about,

ill be an honest man, take care of you, and never tell you a lie,
make sure to say see you later, and never use the word goodbye,

i promise from this day forward, i will make you my wife,
and congratulate you with a, happy birthday, and ill love you for life.


I feel the first tears of joy, the second i see you smile,
now my eyelashes are so wet i can barely see,
all i want is to lay here, kiss you, and forget the future for a while,
cus my heart says your everything it ever wanted for me,

wont ever make me mad, the sight of you could stop a war,
always thinking about everyone else, never care about yourself,
thought i was tough like diamond, but you melted right through my core,
i would rather want your beauty and joy, than all the money and the wealth,

cus you make me feel richer, than i ever have in my life,
would climb a mountainside, just to make you proud and see,
i will do everything i can, to make sure your my future wife,
afraid of dieing, cus god knows, your too heaven sent for me,

the memory of the day we meet, will stay in my mind forever,
ill always look back at the first kiss, your my fountain of youth,
we can make anything happen, as long as we’re together,
cus when i say “i love you”, it’s a neverending truth.


Everytime i think about my future,
i cant help to think if i keep loving im gonna lose her,

cus sometimes captivated emotions can get too much for you,
so if you have to say goodbye to live your life im not gonna be judging you,

the puddle by my feet just keeping getting deeper,
the path im tryin’a follow seemed to go up but now its getting steeper, 

a faith leaper,have to keep jumping to survive,
until this moment i’ve lived in the moment to stay alive,

love is a funny thing cus when it comes around,
it makes u commit thoughtful suicide and pins u down.


I know it’s hard for you to go through these emotions,
you love him, the only problem between you is the ocean,

distance always makes it difficult, but true love knows no borders,
and sometimes it just makes you want it even more, and try harder,

your feelings are in chains behind lock and bars, and hes the key,
without him you’ll never have a sweet dream, cant rest in peace,

just know that i’ll be here to support you, cus what your going through,
can ruin a person from the inside, im going through it too,

i dont want a beatiful mind and personality like yours to be ruined,
the reality of love is a nightmare, but still worth pursuing,

you find yourself in a dark forrest, the night is pitch black, ur in a maze,
ill be you light in the sky, get your love back, clear the haze and help you find the way.

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